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Address to the Nation by H. E. Mr. Rolandas Paksas,


Dear people of Lithuania,

Yesterday the ad hoc Seimas Commission for Parliamentary Investigation published its conclusions.

This document has not in fact disclosed any new information since the idea, unsubstantiated by facts, that criminal structures have allegedly fettered the President has been persistently and emotionally hammered into your minds throughout November.

The Chairman of the Commission and some of its members have been declaring in public their predetermined opinion, taking no regard of an obvious principle that they should not have any prejudice against an institution or an individual under investigation.

I want to emphasise that talks about impeachment have been circulating since the very moment when I stepped into office because certain changes that I have initiated caused fierce resistance.

The growing approval and support of the people of Lithuania for my course have settled fear among certain political forces.

I believe that the manner of investigation and the conclusions of the ad hoc Commission for Parliamentary Investigation, which has incriminated me, without any evidence, in fictitious offences, has confirmed that the only goal is to remove me from office by any means.

Accusations would continue even if I reiterated each day that I am not bound by any other commitments but the oath of the President to Lithuania and its people, because the accusers pursue the only goal of destroying my morale and political career and not ascertaining the truth.

I have no doubts that after an in-depth examination of the conclusions issued by the ad hoc Commission for Parliamentary Investigation, lawyers will recognise them invalid since it needs no lawyer to see that the Commission investigated the issue of political confidence in President rather than conducted legal evaluation of the situation.

Is it not obvious that many of the statements made by the Commission are mere assumptions unsubstantiated by factual evidence?

The Commission has opposed my will to answer all questions of interest to it in a way that would show due respect to the Seimas and would not dishonour the Office of the President.
Does it not prove that the Commission was not interested in facts?

Although the report by the State Security Department, which served as the basis for launching investigation on possible threats to the national security of Lithuania, makes no reference to the President, the one-sided investigation by the Commission focused solely on the President and the Office of the President.

The fact that the Commission did not question persons whom the report by the State Security Department mentions as allegedly having had negative influence on the President’s team also confirms that the investigation was prejudiced.

This is yet another proof that the Commission chose to see only what could help to remove the President.

Many of the statements that the Commission has made are clearly beyond its scope of competence since statements of such nature could only be issued by law enforcement institutions.

I would like to underline once again that I have neither signed any decrees nor taken any action violating the Constitution or laws of the Republic of Lithuania or the oath that I swore before the Seimas.

I consider the scandal that was created and persistent demands to resign as a political action against my person and the initiatives that I have launched.

Dear people of Lithuania,

I invite you not to give in to the attempts to incite discord and divide the society.

I believe that the political test which Lithuania has been put to will not be in vain and that it will leave us all stronger.

I defended and will always defend the interests of the State of Lithuania and its people. No power will make me abandon this effort.

Press Service of the President

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